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OM Kannada Hit Movie-1995-Songs Download-"Hey Dinakara""College Kumaru""Mehabooba""O Gulaabiye""Amruthavanthe Premada".

OM Kannada Hit Movie-1995-Songs Download.(ಓಂ), stylized as ॐ.

1.Hey Dinakara Shubhakara Dharege ba-




Directed by Upendra
Produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar
Written by S. Murali Mohan (dialogues)
Screenplay by Upendra
Story by Upendra
Starring Shivarajkumar
Music by Hamsalekha
Cinematography B. C. Gowrishankar
Edited by Shashikumar
Poornima Enterprises
Distributed by Sri Vajreshwari Combines
Release dates
19 May 1995
Running time
150 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada

A.K 47 Kannada Songs Download-Naanu Kannadada Kanda-Kadalo Kadalo-Yaari Anjuburuki-Oh My Son-Hey Ram-This is India.

Directed by Om Prakash Rao
Produced by Ramu
Screenplay by Om Prakash Rao
Story by S. R. Brothers
Starring Shiva Rajkumar
Om Puri
Music by Hamsalekha
Cinematography P. Rajan
Edited by S. Manohar
Distributed by Ramu Enterprises
Release dates
17 June 1999
Running time
157 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada

A to Z -Kannada Songs Download

A (Kannada film) -Songs Download-"Sum Sumne" "Chandini","Helkollakonduru","Idhu One Day Match","Maari Kannu".

A (Kannada film)-Upendra

Directed by Upendra
Produced by B. Jagannath
B. G. Manjunath
Written by Upendra
Screenplay by Upendra
Story by Upendra
Starring Upendra
Music by Gurukiran
Cinematography H. C. Venu
Edited by T. Shashikumar
Uppi Entertainers
Distributed by B V Ramakrishna
Release dates
12 February 1998
Running time
148 min
Country India
Language Kannada

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Where is bimat college?

BIMAT- This college is located in between kagal and kolhapur.
BIMAT- Bhima Institute of Management And Technology,
Dhananjay Mahadik Group Of Institutions, S.No . 209/A ,NH4 ,Vikaswadi,Kagal,Kolhapur,Maharashtra. Pin: 416216

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Long form of PL in Engineering

Long form of PL is " Preparation Leave "
which is time given to students for preparing's usually 1 month before examination.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Mini Centrifugal Pump 2015-Pawankumar Gurav

This pump is smaller version of actual centrifugal pump,i just created
by using waste materials like used pens ,small motor, vicks vessel,and designed impeller as small as possible.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Universal Truth about Helping

This real story is more popular and now I am
using it to draw attention to an Amazing law of
Universe. Flemming was a poor Scottish farmer,
one day he observed a boy struggling in the
swamp up to his waist. Flemming rescued that
boy. The next day the father of the boy a well
dressed Aristocratic man paid a visit to the
Fleming's place and offered a reward in return to
his son's life. But Flemming rejected the reward
offer and said, I have just done my humanitarian
job towards a fellow being who were in the dire
need of help. The Aristocratic man was Sir
Randolph Churchill, just looked around that poor
house and noticed the son farmer playing in the
mud. He requested the poor farmer to send his
boy with him so that he could made the poor
child well educated and a Noble man in the
society. He brought the child and given education
as a goodwill gesture. Later the the child of poor
farmer Fleming has become Sir Alexander Fleming
who invented 'Penicillin' the wonderful life saving
Antibiotic. The son of Aristocratic man got
suffered with deadly Pneumonia and again he was
saved with Penicillin. The son of Aristocratic an
was Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of
The above story clearly envisages the 'Universal
law' of what we sow, so we reap it. The help
without any expectation can come around in
another kind. The selfless service rendered to any
needy people would not go waste. It reverts back
in another form. Even our thoughts and actions
have energy, so they have eternal influence. They
go around in Cosmos and return back with same
intensity. So we must be conscious of what
we think and what we do. They have impact,
negative or positive.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Guddai Devi Temple,Bhadgaon, Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur-416502

Guddai devi is a "Grama Devi" for People Residing in Bhadgaon, Many devotees arrive here for excellent Nature and Landscape.There also exist Engineering College an named A.D.Shinde.
Road is built up till the foot of temple.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

★Kannada Motivational SMS- Biggest Collection Of Kannada Motivational - Inspirational Messages / Sms

Jeevanadalli olle time gintlu olle friend ge bele kodi yakandre - olle time olle friend na kodalla, but olle friend nind olle time sigbahudu"
Good night:-).

Hrudayavanta Kannada Film Songs

Hydraulic Dynamometer Diagram

Prony Brake Dynamometer

Rope Brake Friction Dynamometer

S.U. Carburettor Diagram

Carter Carburettor Diagrams

Solex Carburettor Diagram

Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Diagram

Parts/ Components of Four Stroke Petrol Engine

Hugens Gun Powder Engine

Types of Mechanical Levers

Design of One Arm Lever

Riveting Process Diagram

Rivet Heads - Types

Rivet Heads - Types

Types of Riveted Joints

Generalized Control System

Command signal : It is the actual input excitation which is applicable to the system. Reference input element : This element converts the command signal to the form. ;
Reference input
t is the modified signal from command input and is applied to
error detector. It corresponds to the desired output.

Error detector : This element-compare the feedback signal with reference Input signal and produces resultant error signal.
Controller : This produces modified 01'manipulated signal which is further appliedh
the system.
Manipulated signal (m (t)) : It is the signal produced by the controller. It is writtenas
[m (t) or U (t) ] ·
Disturbance [d (t) J : It is undesirable signal acting on the system anywhere. It maybe
noise or other types of disturbances like wind etc.
output [c (t) ] : The"-output signal from the plant or system-to-_be
controlled is called a control1 : ed output. It can be the desired output.
Feedback element : t is the element (transducer) which produces afeedback signalb (t)
proportional to controlled output and suitable for error detector.

Fèedback signal ) : It is the signal produced by feedback element and SUPP, lied toh
error detector.
Forward path : This is the generalised path from error or actuating signal to rbi
controlled output.
Feedback path : It is specific path from controlled output to the respective eMf

Sunday, 26 April 2015

M.R. Junior College Of Science Gadhinglaj, ZP Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

M.R College is my Education School where I completed my Science.
All Teachers where Excellent with Great Student Relationships.
Our Teachers from M.R :
1. Kudoli Sir.- Physics
2.Magar Madam - Biology.
3.Shintre Sir : Chemistry Organic.
4. Salunke Madam - Physics.
5. Mane Madam - Biology.
6. Katkar Sir - Mathematics.
7. Yadav Sir - English .ok
8. Tamakar Mama- Lab incharge.
I really miss my college life and Lucky be a part of such "Education Temple".

Monday, 20 April 2015

Sir Vishweshwarya Sketch

Sideshwar Swamiji -Bijapur , Karnataka, India.

Swamiji is Famous in Karnataka , Maharashtra and over India for his Great Pravachan Based on Simplicity , Life which Changed many People's mind set and leaded towards Peaceful Life.
We are lucky to have Them.

Beauty of Nature: HoneyComb

Sugarcane Harvesting Machine: Bharatiya Sanshruti ,Kaneriwadi,Kolhapur,Maharashtra

Flexible Type Biogas Plant Diagram

Deenabandu Biogas Plant Diagram : Fixed type Biogas Plant

Fixed Dome Type Biogas /Chinese / Janta Type Biogas Diagram

Floating Type Biogas Plant Diagram

Types of Carburettor

Simple Carburettor Diagram- Petrol Engine

Simple Carburettor Diagram- Petrol Engine

Friday, 10 April 2015

Simple way of Thinking....Help others -Law of Nature

Always help others as you see we are the most dominant animal's on this planets, But we are just not enough see towards the nature and learn from it. Nature always teaches us to help for example see coconut tree it satisfies thrust , used for worship , used as a roofs , as a bridge and so on and with this Help it always try to stay in top.
There are so many examples over nature.
If flowers say I will not glow then honey bee will not get necter then how we get honey?
That is we are depending upon each other .
So always try to Help Others without any outcome.
-Pawankumar Gurav 2015

Saturday, 4 April 2015

shivaji university syllabus of mechanical engineering

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shivaji university results fe

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shivaji university results

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shivaji university syllabus

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shivaji university exam timetable

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Hirasugar Institute Of Technology- HIT - College Of Engineering Nidasoshi -591 236, Taq: Hukkeri, Dist: Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

The institution came into existance in the year 1996 with the sole purpose of providing quality technical education in various disciplines of engineering. Since then the growth of the Institute has been guided by the proactive response to the fast changing world of technology.

The institute is approved by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi (AICTE, New Delhi) and is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum (VTU, Belgaum).

Hirasugar Institute of Technology (HIT), Nidasoshi offers 4 years full time Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree courses in various disciplines.

Dhananjay Mahadik Group Of Institutions - BIMAT Kagal Kolhapur Maharashtra India.

Dhananjay Mahadik Group of Institutions, chartered in 2010 is a nationally respected leader in technical education. The institute is distinguished by its commitment to finding solutions to the great predicaments of the day through advanced technology. The institute has a rich history and dedication to the pursuit of excellence.

DMGI offers a unique learning experience across a spectrum of academic and social experiences. With a firm footing in truth and humanity, the institute gives you an understanding of both technical developments and the ethics that go with it. The curriculum is designed to enhance your academic experience through opportunities like internships, study abroad programs and research facilities.

The hallmark of DMGI education is building strong and widespread alumni network, support to the industry. The institute has planned to be ranked amongst the top 20 technical colleges in India and we are sure that our students will contribute a lion’s share in development of national infrastructure.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


The number of teeth on the sprocket affects the
velocity ratio during its rotation through the pitch
angle. The chain passes around the sprocket as
a series of chordal-links. This action is similar to
a non-slipping belt wrapped around a rotating
polygon. For the sack of clarity, a chain drive
with sprocket having four teeth is shown in Fig.

It is evident that linear speed of the chain is not
uniform but varies during every cycle of tooth
engagement. This results in a pulsating and jerky
motion to the chain and the driven sprocket. This
is called “Chordal speed variation”, and is plotted
in Fig.

For smooth operation of chain drives at
moderate to high speeds, it is considered a good
practice to use a driving sprocket with at least
17 teeth. Of course, higher number of teeth 19 or
21 gives better life expectancy to the chain with
less noise during operation. It is preferable to
use an odd number of teeth for the driving
sprocket in combination with an even number of
chain links for uniform wear and tear on the
teeth and rollers. In this case, a particular tooth
of the sprocket wheel does not come in contact
with a particular link of the chain for every
rotation. For space consideration or for very low
speeds, sprocket with less number of teeth may
be used, by sacrificing the life expectancy of the
The failure of roller chains is mainly due to wear
on the rollers and pins. The chain is elongated
due to wear in the joints and as a result the
rollers shift with respect to the teeth on the
sprocket. When the sprocket is made of large
number of teeth (with shorter pitch), even a
small elongation of the chain displaces the chain
with respect to the teeth on sprocket to a
greater extent, leading to improper meshing. This
limits the maximum number of teeth on the
sprocket. For roller chains, the recommended
maximum number of teeth for the sprocket wheel
is about 100 to 120.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My opinion on Success of Theory against mathematical problems in engineering

I personally feared of solving problems in first sem of apm subject.
All professors guided us to prefer firstly Problems in order to pass in exam.

But I experienced myself that with just only theory we can pass, also subjects like control engineering.

I have also seen that my friends who are most active in solving problems got ATKT from first year to last year.

SO Don't fear of Problems you can PASS Exams by just theory also . (Shivaji University )

Friday, 13 March 2015

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