Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Universal Truth about Helping

This real story is more popular and now I am
using it to draw attention to an Amazing law of
Universe. Flemming was a poor Scottish farmer,
one day he observed a boy struggling in the
swamp up to his waist. Flemming rescued that
boy. The next day the father of the boy a well
dressed Aristocratic man paid a visit to the
Fleming's place and offered a reward in return to
his son's life. But Flemming rejected the reward
offer and said, I have just done my humanitarian
job towards a fellow being who were in the dire
need of help. The Aristocratic man was Sir
Randolph Churchill, just looked around that poor
house and noticed the son farmer playing in the
mud. He requested the poor farmer to send his
boy with him so that he could made the poor
child well educated and a Noble man in the
society. He brought the child and given education
as a goodwill gesture. Later the the child of poor
farmer Fleming has become Sir Alexander Fleming
who invented 'Penicillin' the wonderful life saving
Antibiotic. The son of Aristocratic man got
suffered with deadly Pneumonia and again he was
saved with Penicillin. The son of Aristocratic an
was Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of
The above story clearly envisages the 'Universal
law' of what we sow, so we reap it. The help
without any expectation can come around in
another kind. The selfless service rendered to any
needy people would not go waste. It reverts back
in another form. Even our thoughts and actions
have energy, so they have eternal influence. They
go around in Cosmos and return back with same
intensity. So we must be conscious of what
we think and what we do. They have impact,
negative or positive.

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